Since its foundation in 1990, Natco GmbH has gained recognition as a global first class provider of international logistics solutions for many of the world’s largest and most sophisticated companies. It has been part of the Trans Global Projects Group since 2018.


    2018 Integration in TGP Group

    Since October 2018, Natco GmbH has been belonging to the Swiss Natco AG and is thus part of the British Trans Global Projects Group. By joining forces, the partners offer a comprehensive service portfolio focused on international project logistics.

    2014 Football World Cup in Brazil

    In 2014, Natco GmbH joined forces with its subsidiary, NPT Brasil, to manage logistics for the broadcast of all games played by the Swiss national football team during the games.

    2009 Opening of Natco Beijing

    In 2009, the launch of Natco GmbH’s Beijing offices underscored both the company’s growing presence in the region as well as China’s increasingly important role in international trade. As part of the TGP Group, Natco today has a presence in Dalian and Shanghai, serving as a dynamic partner for its customers in China and the Asia Pacific region.

    2006 Launch of NPT Brasil

    Natco GmbH was one of the founding members of the Brazilian transport company, NPT Brasil (Brasil Projetos & Transportes Internacionais LTDA / NPT), established in 2006. From its headquarters in Sao Paulo and branch office in Rio de Janeiro, NPT Brasil operates as an internationally well-known provider of logistics services at the global level. Like Natco GmbH, NPT Brasil also became part of the UK-based Trans Global Projects Group (TGP) in 2018.

    1990 Company foundation

    Natco GmbH was founded in Bremen, Germany, in 1990 – in cooperation with Switzerland’s Natco AG and as a specialist for project services. Over the course of the past several decades, the company has developed into an international logistics service provider that is active in all areas of international freight forwarding. Natco counts a large number of globally renowned companies amongst its customers. Since 2018, Natco GmbH has been a part of the Trans Global Projects Group (TGP).